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Braille technology

Braille technology is assistive technology which allow people who are blind or with low vision to undertake common tasks such as writing, using the Internet, typing and printing in text. Occurs in both hardware and software forms.


Product Description of product Website Indicative cost
Braille frame - 4 line 28 cell with stylus Making occasional notes – 4 lines of Braille to be written at a time. $20.00
Braille frame (A4) A4 Braille writing frame – 27 lines with 30 cells per line. $31.00
A4 Braille paper Braille paper $23.00-$90.00
Classic perkins brailler Manual brailler operated by 6 conventional keys $1,699.00
Braille Sense U2 and BrailleSense U2 QWERTY Keyboard Assists in reading and using computer – read/write in braille, access emails and web, play music, read books, connect to other devices eg iPhone.
  • $7,771.00
  • $6,295.00
Duxbury Braille Translation Software (Windows) Converts words into braille. $980.00
Braille keyboard overlay Used to overlay on a standard computer keyboard. $46.00
Kisa mobile phone Only braille mobile phone designed in Australia. $169.00 for phone (can add accessories for additional cost)
Braille Note Touch 32 Tablet which allows user to type in braille. $7,495.00
Brailliant BI14 braille display Note taking device, and can be synced with other devices so notes can be automatically accessed at other places. $1,350.00