Blind or low vision accessibility suppliers

Screen reading software

Screen readers are software applications that attempt to convey what people with average eyesight see on a display to an person that is blind or of low vision via non-visual means, such as by reading out the text.

Product Description of product Indicative cost
JAWS Screen reading software – text-to-speech technology. $1,860.00
Scanning and reading software. $1,500.00
ReadIt Allowing reading of printed or electronically formatted document. Designed for people who are blind or with low vision. $1,195.00
Kurzweil 1000 Designed for people who are blind or with low vision. $1,115.00

Screen magnification software

A screen magnifier is software that interfaces with a computer's graphical output to present enlarged screen content. It is useful for people with low vision.

Product Description of product Indicative cost



Enlarges everything on computer.






Magic with speech Magnifies up to 46 times. Also has speech options. $810.00
SuperNova Magnifier – USB version Enlarges on computer and tablet. $780.00
Gem Software Allows user to view, capture and save magnified images. $430.50

Screen magnification hardware

Screen magnification hardware helps someone with low vision magnify images or words as needed by placing the manual magnifier onto it.

Product Description of product Indicative cost
Prodigi DUO with 20 inch LCD Screen


Topaz 20 inch HD desktop video magnifier

iView 7HD handheld electronic magnifier


Incorporates table-top magnifier and hand-held magnifier. 5-inch magnifier with touch screen, and can switch from reading to listening to documents.

Electronic magnification solution with reading table and dials to magnify.

Portable electronic magnifier. Features rotatable camera and can also connect to a TV or monitor.





Mercury 12 Laptop Tablet Magnifier with OCR Speech For people with low vision who want one device that functions as a laptop and tablet as well as a CCTV Video Magnifier and OCR Reader. $4,750.00

Media players

Handheld media player for people that are blind or with low vision.

Product Description of product Indicative cost
Victor reader stream Hand-held digital media player – audio book reader, MP3 and digital recorder. $495.00
Victor reader trek with GPS Hand held digital media player – as above, but with added ability to provide live directions and location orientation. $995.00
Victor reader stratus mp3 Play DAISY and MP3 books and music, SD cards and USB flash drives. Has 12 key navigation pad to allow for navigation to certain pages or songs. $595.00
Blaze EZ Hear newspapers, books, documents, restaurant menus as well as DAISY and media content. Can scan and read printed materials immediately, or save them for later. $595.00