Assets eForm


What is this?

SAP eForm for managing assets
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers on SAP ECC6
Level of expertise
Finance knowledge, SAP user


Single SAP form, multiple functions

The asset eForm incorporates creating, changing, disposing of, blocking and unblocking assets.

File uploads

For multiple change requests, save time by using one of our mass upload templates or attaching a spreadsheet.

Interactive search

Save time by searching for company codes, asset classes, cost centres, vendors, etc. within form fields.


Reduce time and cost

Online form pre-filled with your agency information and workflow approvals means no need to print and sign.

Preview SAP details

Results validate SAP data in real time, meaning less potential for error.

Enhanced reporting

Allows you to review assets against users and delegations, or create customised reports for your needs.


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