Assess the classification level of a role (JEMS)


What is this?

Get a position's recommended classification level and a JEMS ID (JEMS is the Queensland Government's tool for evaluating the work value of positions).
Whole-of-government; supervisors/managers
Level of expertise
HR knowledge


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Customised service

Depending on your requirements and resources, we can provide different forms of support, including position description advice, development and review, and comprehensive advice on job and business unit design.

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Job analysis

Our JEMS evaluators can interview stakeholders, collate relevant information, provide feedback on your draft or draft a role description, evaluate classification level and prepare a report.


Get advice early for better staffing outcomes

Align your area’s responsibilities with role levels to improve the likelihood of getting the structure you require. 

Progress to the Request to hire form with all the information you need.

Meet the requirements of the Request to hire form by getting a JEMS number before beginning the form.

Enjoy peace of mind

Use our resources and be certain you are working with current knowledge of Queensland Government job evaluation methodology.

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