Appoint a person to a position


What is this?

Use the My.Appointment portal to appoint a person to a position.
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers; payroll employees only
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HR knowledge


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Status updates

View the status of an appointment request, and receive emails when the form is submitted, approved, or processed by QSS.

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Approvals workflow

After submission, the form is distributed to an approving officer for authorisation before submission to QSS.

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Reminder emails

Partially complete and save your work; receive reminders for appointments that are not completed or approved in 2 days.


Reduce time and cost

Online form pre-filled with relevant information and workflow approvals means no need to print and sign.

Reduce errors

Links between the form and the Human Resource Information System (payroll) allow fields to pre-populate and validate your inputs.

Standard process

One streamlined process for most QSS customers to appoint candidates.  


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