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QSS 0096 | Corporate cards can be used to pay an invoice or procure goods and services.

Apply for a corporate card

Step 1

If you are a Queensland Government employee with a documented business need and appropriate purchasing and expenditure authorities, complete the Application for corporate card and/or corporate card training (PDF, 1.7 MB) by selecting one of 3 application types:

  • Training only
  • Card issue only (a copy of your training certification, statement of completion and grades page must be attached with the form)
  • Training and card issue

Your application must be approved by your direct supervisor and an approving officer with financial delegation.

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Step 2

You will then undertake online corporate card training (unless your agency exempts you). You will need to attach proof that you passed the course to your card application (step 3).

Step 3

Complete the CBA Queensland Government Corporate Purchasing Card Application (PDF, 659 KB).

Step 4

Verify your identity at a Commonwealth Bank or with a Queensland Government Corporate Card Verifying Officer or Prescribed Person (e.g. Justice of the Peace).

Step 5

Read and sign the QGCPC conditions of use.

Step 6

Copy and send all original documents to the QSS corporate card unit by mail GPO Box 173, Brisbane, QLD, 4001.

For more comprehensive instructions, read the QGCPC application handbook (PDF, 215 KB).