Accessible online training–lessons learnt


In early 2018, the Public Service Commission had a work experience placement for a ten-week period with a participant who was blind. It was a requirement of this placement that the person undertook onboarding training, of which was via the online portal – iLearn.

The following were the lessons learnt and serve as an opportunity to receive ‘lived experience’ feedback on the accessibility of what was considered mandatory induction training.

The focus of these learnings is within the iLearn environment and specific to a person who is blind, using accessibility tools – Braille reader and JAWS software.

Lessons learnt

Page type / course Accessible Non-accessible

iLearn Welcome Page

  • Welcome page is accessible.
  • Could submit email to reset password.
  • Successfully reset password.
  • Logged in successfully.
  • The message link on user profile is not appropriately labelled, it appears as a number with a link when it should instead be a link labelled e.g. ‘28 messages’.
Course – Fraud and Corruption Control
  • Successfully launched.
  • Generally difficult to navigate, no headings, no instructions for how to complete the course.
  • Can’t complete as the buttons don’t activate with any keyboard commands – I can’t activate the buttons with a mouse.

Online Cyber Security Training

  • Successfully launched.
  • Clear navigational headings.
  • Can read the overview information and instructions.
  • Can activate the launch link.
  • Can activate the link to access the training resource video.
  • Can watch video.
  • Successfully ticked the box that I watched the video.
  • Captions are available so the video should also be audio described. E.g. I have no idea what the email from NAB said.
  • Unable to go back to the learning screen. The alt-down arrow keyboard command which should take me back to the previous screen, does not work on this site.

Internal Controls and Financial Responsibilities

  • Successfully launched.
  • Cannot navigate the page. All it reads is the course title and the date and time I attempted to commence.

Information Security Awareness

  • Successfully launched.
  • I could read all the overview information.
  • Successfully completed the overview quiz.
  • Could read my 100% test score.
  • Could read all the Hacking, Phishing and Malware information.
  • Successfully completed quiz and could access my 100% score.
  • Could read the Passwords and their Value information.
  • Successfully completed quiz and accessed 100% score.
  • Ditto for Emails information and quiz.
  • Ditto for departmental policies and procedures.
  • Ditto for Using Mobile Devices.
  • Ditto for Reporting Incidents.
  • The links on this page are confusing. The links are labelled such that it sounds like all the information is on the one page, whereas you actually have to hit the ‘next button’ to continue.
  • The heading ‘Janison Course Player’ makes me think there is a video that we are supposed to watch.

Right to Information and Information Privacy

  • Successfully launched.
  • I read the overview information and then launched the OIC online program.
  • Successfully logged into the online training portal.
  • Successfully activated the link to start the Privacy Act online training.
  • I read the course overview and purposes. The ‘next buttons’ can be activated with the enter key.
  • Successfully navigated the Privacy section of the course.
  • The images in each section are described, e.g. document stamped ‘top secret’.
  • Successfully completed the activity on privacy principles.
  • Could complete the first activity, but it was a fluke – I had no idea if what I did would achieve the result, i.e. I didn’t know that pressing enter on each correct link would mean that I was answering the question. It would be better if the options were tick boxes.
  • When undertaking the IPA in detail, the links we need to click on to view the four themes are not appropriately labelled. I could access the information, it’s just that the navigation of this website is not very intuitive. In addition, the heading themes are not read out by the audio.
  • Privacy protection landscape, the links containing the documents are not appropriately labelled. However, I could access the information once I pressed enter on each link.
  • Security of transmission precautions section, the links are not appropriately labelled. However, I could access the information.
  • Stopped at the complaints process part of the course, the quiz involves ordering the steps by dragging to correct locations, which I cannot do.
  • Could not complete course.

Right to Information Act

  • Successfully launched and read course overview.
  • Push model component of the course and Why have a Right to Information component can be accessed. Note that the headings of each course component are not announced by the audio.
  • The next page appears to be blank. I pressed the enter key to activate the ‘next’ button.
  • Another blank section, after the proviso about the course not being legal advice.
  • The Publication Schemes component, then when I went to ‘next’ there was nothing there.
  • Cannot go any further, so cannot complete this course.

Online Induction Program

  • Successfully launched.
  • Successfully read the welcome page and downloaded the induction checklist.
  • No headings to navigate this page.
  • Cannot proceed as the next button is not appropriately labelled, I have no idea where it is.

Ethical Decision Making and Code of Conduct

  • Successfully launched.
  • Cannot complete because I don’t have the right version of Flash Player that is required for the course.

Building Emergency Procedures

  • Successfully launched.
  • Could not be completed – needed sighted assistance.

Recognise, Respond and Refer – Domestic and Family Violence

  • Successfully launched.
  • There are some unlabelled links on this page.
  • Can’t proceed as none of the buttons at the bottom of the page can be activated.

Next steps

The Public Services Commission business services team are reviewing the lesson learnt and working with their partners to determine and prioritise actions and solutions.