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What is this?

QSS use customised instances of SAP for customer agencies to process financial transactions.
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers
Level of expertise
Finance knowledge


Improved internal controls

Role segregation, audit tracking and detailed reporting, including logging your saved activity, all strengthen data security.

Single system experience

SAP stores your financial information allowing you to do multiple tasks without the need to understand and access a different system. It enables the user to be familiar with the system.

Interactive search

Save time by searching for vendors, customers, account codes, cost centres and approvers within SAP. Results validate SAP data in real time, meaning less potential for error.


Track progress

Track the status of your request in real time and receive follow-up notifications.

Customer validation

Check existing SAP customer details (e.g. bank account and ABN) against your request.

Save time

A single point of data entry. Forms are pre-filled with your agency information and workflow approvals, no need to print and sign.

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