About car sharing

Need a work vehicle for short term use?

Our car share service allows staff from participating agencies to access vehicles from a centralised pool, booked online.

Managed by QFleet, this fully automated system is quick and easy to use and is an efficient transport solution for short trips. Once staff register to use the service, they can then book online.

Vehicles are currently available in the Brisbane CBD and will expand to the greater Brisbane area and selected regional locations.

If your agency is outside of the Brisbane CBD or in regional Queensland, please contact your area fleet manager to enquire about a local car share service.

If your agency is interested in joining the service, email qfleetcarshare@hpw.qld.gov.au to get started.

Participating agencies

These agencies are currently signed up to participate in the QFleet Car Share program:

  • Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships 
  • Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy
  • Department of Energy and Public Works
  • Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Department of Regional Development and Manufacturing
  • Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
  • Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport
  • Queensland Health
  • Queensland Treasury

If your agency is not listed above, please contact your fleet manager to discuss participation.

Benefits to your agency

QFleet Car Share is one way to:

  • improve vehicle utilisation
  • reduce fleet operating costs
  • lower vehicle emissions
  • improve the environmental profile of the fleet.

QFleet will work closely with your agency to ensure the car sharing service compliments your current vehicle leasing arrangements and support you through the process. 

Benefits include:


  • online vehicle booking system – real-time, on-demand
  • automated vehicle access using key box technology
  • greater accessibility and flexibility of vehicle choice and location.


  • user-pay model, only pay for what you use
  • reduces alternate vehicle transportation costs including car hire and taxi services
  • reduces costs to government by maximising pool vehicle use.

Easier business processes:

  • improves fleet management capabilities and administration processes
  • improves reporting capability, including automated FBT reporting and logbooks
  • agencies without general pool vehicles can still access the government car sharing pool.


  • pathway for introducing low and no emission vehicles into your fleet
  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • improves the environmental profile of your fleet.